Teeth Whitening

Making your smile shine

For stunning, natural-looking teeth whitening in London, look no further than Zero:Seven Clerkenwell. We offer a range of tooth whitening services designed to bring the brilliant shine back into your smile - and with the quality of service you’ll receive, trust us, you’ll be smiling.

Treatment takes less than an hour and the result is a gorgeous smile that can be up to six shades brighter. Tooth whitening in London is safe, effective and long lasting. Give your smile a real boost with whitening – visit us for a free, 15-minute consultation with our principal dentist, Tushar Enaker.

  • Can brighten teeth by up to 6 shades
  • Enjoy brighter teeth in less than an hour
  • Safe & effective when carried out by a dental professional
  • Tooth whitening from just £350
  • Top up in the comfort of your own home

Top quality tooth whitening

There are lots of tooth whitening systems out there but we insist on the best – Zoom.

Zoom is ideal if you’re looking for immediate results. It is so much more convenient than wearing trays or whitening strips, making it the perfect choice for busy people. The Zoom Advanced Power chairside whitening system is a scientifically advanced procedure that leaves you with dramatically whiter teeth that look natural.

Zoom works by using a light with varying degrees of intensity to produce a precise, reliable outcome that will boost your smile.

To achieve the best results possible, we recommend a thorough hygiene session with air polishing first. Air polishing gently rids the teeth of stubborn stains to restore your teeth to their natural colour by using air, water and a fine, flavoured powder. Treatment is painless and will really enhance the final result of tooth whitening and help the effects last longer.

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