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September 2014 Monthly Archives

Stephen’s Story

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“I have had a real fear of dentists from when I was younger and unfortunately due to personal circumstances I ended up neglecting my teeth. I hadn’t smiled for over 20 years until I met Tush. He is just the most amazing dentist. Words cannot express what he has done for me. He has restored my confidence but most importantly he has completely taken away my fear of dentists. I felt so comfortable during the entire implant procedure, even the anaesthetic needles were bearable because he used topical cream. There was mild soreness for a day but I had none of the pain that I was so dreading. A few months later the bridges and crowns were put in and I was in tears when I saw the results. I cannot thank the team at Zero Seven enough”.

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Claire’s Story

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I am just writing to say how impressed I am with my implant. I was very anxious about the pain I might experience but I had complete trust in you and you re-assured me. As it happens, the pain was minimal and easily dealt with by a couple of pain killers. I was particularly impressed that you gave me your mobile number over that week end, even though you were going on holiday. I did not need to call you, but again, it was very re-assuring.

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Mo’s Story

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“I’ve always been unlucky with my teeth, and I’ve had countless treatments (including crowns, root canal treatments, extractions and a bridge) over the years while living in Scotland. Shortly after I moved to London last autumn, my bridge snapped off, and the only option was to replace it with an implant. I’d thought I was a pretty seasoned dental patient but, to be honest, the word ‘implant’ filled me with dread! My fears were primarily these:

• The nature of the treatment (don’t they have to drill posts into your jawbone?! Will it be painful?)
• Vanity (would I be left with obvious and unattractive temporary ‘teeth’ until the final implant crowns could be fitted, 4 months later?)
• Cost (how on earth could I pay for this treatment?)

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Mrs Brown’s Story

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“I first considered teeth implants when I realised that I was going to lose my bottom two front teeth.   I definitely did not want to have false teeth or a plate. My son-in-law told me his dentist in London undertook implants, so I made an appointment to see Dr Enaker. This was in 2010.

I have osteoporosis and at the time was approaching 70 years of age, so was not certain he would consider me a suitable candidate for implants. Read More…