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Our Patients: Mo’s Story


“I’ve always been unlucky with my teeth, and I’ve had countless treatments (including crowns, root canal treatments, extractions and a bridge) over the years while living in Scotland. Shortly after I moved to London last autumn, my bridge snapped off, and the only option was to replace it with an implant. I’d thought I was a pretty seasoned dental patient but, to be honest, the word ‘implant’ filled me with dread! My fears were primarily these:

• The nature of the treatment (don’t they have to drill posts into your jawbone?! Will it be painful?)
• Vanity (would I be left with obvious and unattractive temporary ‘teeth’ until the final implant crowns could be fitted, 4 months later?)
• Cost (how on earth could I pay for this treatment?)

At this point, I hadn’t actually registered with a dentist in London, but had seen two other dentists during the course of my emergency treatments (the bridge and another crown falling off). While both dentists were undoubtedly professional, the first had a very serious and depressing bedside manner, while the second didn’t seem to understand the concept of affordability (mind you, he was based in Canary Wharf, and I assume for most of his patients this wasn’t an issue. But it was for me!).

Then I met Tush. He had been recommended to me by two trusted friends and colleagues, and I can honestly say I have never looked back. After assessing me, Tush agreed that I needed an implant to replace the bridge, and he also recommended another implant to fill a gap on the other side of my mouth. My first panic was about cost, but I was pleasantly surprised not only with the quotation, but also I was offered (and took) the option to join the practice and get a further 20% discount off the treatment. With this and a financial plan to spread the payments, I was ready to go ahead. Phew.

Tush then explained exactly how the treatment would progress: firstly, the insertion of the posts and fitting of temporary crowns; we would then wait for about 4 months to ensure that the implant posts had fused properly with the bone, and then the permanent crowns would be fitted. It all sounded rather invasive and slightly nerve-racking, but Tush put me at ease from the outset.

The first appointment (to actually insert the implant posts into my jawbone) was set for the following day. Although I was slightly apprehensive, as soon as I was in the chair Tush and his team made me feel so comfortable, I relaxed completely. The posts are inserted under local anaesthetic (plus Tush had prescribed me a mild sedative, which also helped), and although I could feel vibration, it wasn’t at all uncomfortable, and certainly not painful in the slightest. Tush had taken impressions before starting, and while the implant surgery was being completed, the clever machine in the other room (yes, on site!) was busy constructing temporary crowns – this was brilliant, as it meant I had perfectly sturdy and cosmetically attractive temporary ‘teeth’ throughout my 4-month wait for the permanent crowns. In fact, I had absolutely no issues at all with the temporary crowns, and ZeroSeven had to contact me in April to remind me that I needed to come back in for the permanent ones!

So, all it took was a couple of visits this May: one to take impressions again so that the external lab could construct the permanent crowns, and the other (only a week or two later) to fit them over the implanted posts. Although I’ve been cautious in the three weeks since the crowns were fitted, I feel so confident that my new implants will be with me for many years to come!

I can’t recommend Tush and his team highly enough, and would urge anyone considering implant surgery to pop into Zero Seven for a chat – it really is perfectly straightforward, and not at all daunting, in their brilliantly-professional (not to mention very friendly and relaxing!) hands”.

Mo Gillespie, 20th June 2014

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