With both being a popular treatment in regards to filling your teeth, the question still looms of which one is superior? You’re also probably wondering what the differences are between dental implants and dentures and which one would be suited to you. Here at Zero Seven Dental Practice in Farringdon, we provide the option for either treatment or hope to help you make a decision by listing which one is best for you below.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth and fit into your jawbone using a titanium screw and a tooth shaped crown is placed on top to close the gap in your teeth. Because the titanium root fuses with your jawbone, a well-kept implant could last you up to a lifetime.

What are dentures?

Dentures on the other hand are removable and temporary tooth replacement devices which are also known as ‘false teeth’ that are worn over your gums for a more cosmetically pleasing look and smile. They may need to be secured with denture glue on the roof of your mouth, and they must be taken out every night to soak before they are replaced in your mouth the next day.

The drawbacks of having dentures

Permanent tooth replacement has been regarded as the better option rather than temporary. Dentures have many drawbacks that can lead to some wearers becoming increasingly frustrated with them, including the often messy and distasteful feeling of denture glue. Because this adhesive doesn’t always perform well, dentures can also slip and dislodge when eating, talking, and laughing, which can open you to some embarrassing moments if you’re unprepared for their appearance.

Effects on dental health

Dental implants have more benefits to your dental health than dentures do partially because of their permanent nature. With them being fixed in the jawbone, the bone is encouraged to stay strong and alive in order to support the replacement tooth or teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, simply fit over the gums and therefore provide no stability to the jawbone, which can lead to bone resorption. In some cases, bone work may need to be performed before dental implants are fitted purely because the patient has used dentures for a while before the treatment, causing their bone to too weak for the procedure. We understand why some patients may be hesitant about receiving dental implants in Farringdon for the reasons of cost and recovery but at Zero Seven Dental we offer a comfortable and confidential environment for all tooth implants and implant retained dentures.

If you or someone close to you is considering dental implants or dentures in Farringdon, then look no further than our professional team of dentists at Zero Seven Dental Practice. Arrange your initial consultation today to assess your suitability on 020 7253 7667.