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Do Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed?

by Zero Seven Dental Practice. Are wisdom teeth always a pain? Is the only solution to have them professionally removed? Yes and no. In this blog, we aim to educate readers about the necessity of wisdom tooth removal, highlighting its benefits and when it may not be necessary. We provide detailed information about the procedure, […]

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3 Signs Of Poor Dental Hygiene

by Zero Seven Dental Practice on Dental Hygiene and Oral Health. The Importance Of Good Dental Hygiene Maintaining good dental hygiene is key to preventing common dental problems such as; Gum disease and tooth decay. Leaving these problems untreated can lead to more serious oral health issues and even tooth loss. As expert dentists we […]

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All You Need to Know About Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant? A Dental implant is a discreet, long-term solution for restoring your smile or filling in gaps left by missing teeth. Whether it’s to remedy one, or multiple missing teeth, having dental implants might just be the best thing you could do for your smile. A dental implant itself is a […]

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