It’s hard to fake a smile if you are unhappy with the way it looks. If you have multiple missing teeth or a single missing tooth, it’s hard to feel like your usual self. At our dentist in Clerkenwell, we’d love to get you started on your single implant treatment to give your smile a second chance. Continue reading to find out all the benefits that come with dental implants.

Preserves the structure of your smile

As tooth loss occurs, your gums and teeth become considerably weaker as they no longer have the support they once had. The teeth that neighbour the gaps can slowly start to shift in the spaces, affecting the structure of your smile and potentially affecting the way you eat and speak. By deciding to fill the gaps, you will allow the structure of your smile to stay intact.

Looks like a real tooth!

Many people dread that their implants will look unnatural and that people will instantly notice the new tooth. Our dental implants in Clerkenwell are specifically designed to look and feel like the real deal, no visual signs of colour difference or an uneven shape and size. You will no longer need to shy away from the camera or cover your mouth when laughing, your implants are fixed and do not limit your ability to perform everyday activities. You’ll feel like a whole new person with your brand new smile.

Acts as a second chance

Having an implant can sometimes help people to stick to a regular cleaning routine as they know how important their new teeth are – these new teeth can be seen as a second chance. Just like normal old teeth, plaque can start to build up around them, so regularly brushing and flossing is a must. If appropriate care is shown to your smile, not only will your teeth shine, your confidence will too.

Why choose us

If you’re looking for a dental implant clinic to carry out your treatment, look no further. At Zero Seven Dental in Clerkenwell, we can help give you a smile that will fill you with confidence and happiness. Now that you know some of the benefits of a dental implant treatment, please feel free to get in touch. Our team at our dental practice in Farringdon will be more than happy to answer any question or concerns you may have about this treatment, making you feel at ease is one of our main duties.