Taking care of your smile isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy to slip into habits that could be a pain in the long run. Giving your teeth some TLC is all you need to keep those pearly whites happy. To uncover some of the most common oral hygiene mistakes that may be contributing to your oral health concerns, continue reading below.

Neglecting Brushing

Failure to brush on a twice-daily basis leads to problems concerning the teeth and gums.  In just one day, there can be a significant amount of bacteria in the mouth that begins to build up around the teeth and gums. If missing brushing becomes a continuous cycle, then the amount of plaque build-up could eventually increase and lead to concerns such as gum disease, tooth decay and eventually even potential tooth loss. If you are guilty of taking a session off, try setting alarms or reminders on your phone so you don’t forget.

Not changing your toothbrush

This tip is neglected by so many but this doesn’t mean you should be one of those people. Our dental practice in Farringdon recommends to replace your toothbrush every three to four months as your toothbrush scrubs away a lot of bacteria, so there is a good chance a lot of bacteria has stuck to the bristles and built up over time. Regularly replacing your toothbrush will ensure that your oral health stays at its finest.

Forgetting to floss

This is a very crucial part of your cleansing routine and should not be neglected.  In just one day, you will consume a lot of food and drink, so you can expect there to be a lot of food and bacteria lodged in the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Flossing will help to not only remove that excess food and bacteria, but also reduce your chances of having dental concerns, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Only visiting the dentist when pain occurs

Visiting our dentist in Clerkenwell regularly ensures your teeth and mouth are healthy. If you wait until you feel pain to see the dentist, there’s a strong likelihood you’re dealing with a serious issue that could have been dealt with sooner with the regular attention of a dentist. For your oral hygiene’s sake, visit the dentist on a regular basis – your smile will be grateful!

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