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3 Benefits of Clear Braces

You might be surprised to learn that lots of adults want or need braces. People of any age can experience bite problems and issues with the spacing of their teeth – whether it’s overcrowding or gaps in the smile. That’s where Zero:Seven comes in. Our dental practice in Clerkenwell is led by Dr Tushar Enaker BDS, who has almost 25 years’ experience in the field and specialises in cosmetic dentistry. We can think of no better place to come for your braces – but what are the benefits of the treatment?

Our clear braces are super-subtle

It’s likely that the only person who can tell you’re wearing clear braces is you! Made from a see-through plastic, we use Invisalign braces, which is nicknamed the invisible brace for its discreet look.

Invisalign braces are known for comfort

Traditionally, braces are made of several components, including wires, brackets and ties. With Invisalign braces, you’ll only have the plastic tray – and this can be taken out for eating, teeth-cleaning and on rare special occasions.

You’ll see results in just a few weeks

Because Invisalign braces adjust your teeth little by little, you’ll be given new Invisalign braces every few weeks. While the differences will be subtle at first, you’ll be able to track the changes to your teeth and enjoy results at every stage of your smile makeover. The average treatment time is just 9-12 months, though this will depend on the work involved in treating your smile.

Why Zero:Seven?

We’re Zero:Seven, a dental practice in Clerkenwell, near Farringdon station. Being in the heart of London with easy tube and rail access makes us well-placed to both Londoners and the corporate sector, and as well as our extensive range of dental treatments, we also offer facial aesthetics, including wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers.

Our small but established team are known for their professional approach and friendly demeanour, and our dental practice helps provide a familiar, intimate environment – whatever your treatment. We’re also experienced with more nervous patients, and like nothing more than to make your treatment as easy and comfortable as possible.

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