Dental implants are a super handy, long-term solution for restoring your smile or filling in gaps left by missing teeth. Whether it’s to remedy one, or multiple, missing teeth, receiving dental implants might just be the best thing you could do for your smile. Some people refrain from receiving dental implants due to a lack of information; so, for your information, here are the different types of dental implants that we offer at Zero Seven Dental – your local Farringdon, dentist.

Single Implants

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation that’s resulted in the loss of your tooth or your tooth has fallen out naturally. You likely now feel helpless and self-conscious about the way you look, but don’t worry, because our single implant treatment can help restore your confidence. This method is one of the most trusted and permanent options for fixing a missing tooth, with replacement teeth crafted to look and feel just like your real teeth. When you show off your gorgeous smile to the people around you, they won’t even notice it’s an implant!

Multiple Implants

This method is opted for when more than one tooth is missing. Losing more than one tooth can have a negative effect on your mouth’s overall function and structure, causing teeth to move into spaces where gaps aren’t filled. Having multiple dental implants placed at our Farringdon dental practice can help to restore the structure of your teeth and jaw and improve your confidence.  Rest assured that multiple implants are a strong and secure solution to several missing teeth. Multiple implants are the perfect method of bringing your beautiful smile back to life.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are far more advanced than traditional dentures, which often look undesirable due to incorrectly fitting the structure of the face. Here in Farringdon, our dentists craft your implant dentures to fit perfectly, look realistic and be permanently secured. Receiving implant denture treatment will allow you to chat, laugh, smile and chew with ease.

If you’re looking to replace your teeth and repair your smile, Zero Seven Dental in Farringdon is the place to be. Our small but helpful team will be delighted to show you the ropes and get you started on your smile journey. If you’re considering any of the implant types listed above, get in touch with a member of the team at Zero Seven Dental Practice in Clerkenwell today on 020 7253 7667 and book your initial consultation!