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What Should I Do When My Dental Implants Are Healing?

If you’ve recently had tooth implants placed and want to know how to aid your body’s healing process, then read on. Our expert dentists here in Farringdon share top tips and dos and don’ts to help create results you’ll love, while keeping your mouth, teeth and gums comfortable during healing. Of course, if you need help, advice or information at any point in your tooth implant journey, simply get in touch with us.

DO keep your mouth clean

Clean your mouth, teeth and gums as usual on the evening of your dental implant surgery, but take care around the surgery site in the early days. Having a hot salt mouthwash can help aid healing, too (just dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of water, then ‘’swill’’ around the mouth, holding over the treated area).

DON’T smoke

As a dentist, we always warn of the dangers of smoking. Periodontitis, mouth cancer and infection can all occur. Even vaping can have negative oral health effects. With minimally invasive surgery, like tooth implants, smoking can actually hinder the healing process.

DO drink cold drinks

Hot food (and drink) could cause pain and infection. A cold drink, however, could ease sensitivity and swelling. Although, don’t ”swill” your drinks (our hot saltwater wash is the only exception!).

DON’T touch the area

Again, this could cause infection. If you’re experiencing pain, a cold ice pack or cold compress held to the outer cheek can cool and soothe the area. Over-the-counter pain relief may also help (see below).

DO take pain relief

Your dentist – or doctor – can make recommendations for you. Over-the-counter medication is usually all that’s needed, but we recommend taking your first dose before your anaesthetic wears off.

DO keep an eye on your wound

Bleeding? Stitches not dissolving? Swelling? If there’s anything you’re concerned about following dental implant treatment, please do get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

DO eat soft foods

These help protect the strength of your new tooth implant. Once you’re able to eat firmer foods, cut them a little smaller than usual. Ideal softer foods include mash, yoghurt, some fruits and plain fish.

DO talk to Zero:Seven

Whatever the reason, and whether or not you’re a patient of ours, we’d love to help with your dental concerns. Get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. Our dentists look forward to welcoming you to our Farringdon practice soon.

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