“I first considered teeth implants when I realised that I was going to lose my bottom two front teeth.   I definitely did not want to have false teeth or a plate. My son-in-law told me his dentist in London undertook implants, so I made an appointment to see Dr Enaker. This was in 2010.

I have osteoporosis and at the time was approaching 70 years of age, so was not certain he would consider me a suitable candidate for implants.

However, Dr Enaker talked me through the whole process and took a number of x-rays.   These confirmed that the bone structure in my jaws would be strong enough for implants.

I had one solitary tooth in my top right jaw, with gaps either side, as well as the two loose front teeth. It was agreed that Dr Enaker would deal with the top right jaw first where both the solitary tooth and one other needed to be removed. I was told to ensure someone would be able to accompany me home after the procedure.

The due date arrived and the procedure was explained to me again. Great care was taken to ensure everything was completely sterile, including brushing the inside of my mouth, tongue, teeth and gums. I was then given an anaesthetic and knew nothing more until I came round, to be told all had gone well. The implants were in and I was given medication to reduce any swelling etc. There was absolutely no pain. I returned a number of weeks later for a check-up and once Dr Enaker was happy the implants were successful, the actual teeth were attached to the implants. I did not experience any pain or discomfort either after the implants or when the teeth were attached.

This process was repeated for the bottom two front teeth, although this time I did require some stitches in the gum. However this was not a problem and once again everything went smoothly”.

My last two implants were in 2013, when I needed a top left tooth removed and decided to have it replaced with two implants, as there was a gap next to the tooth to be removed. This time I was awake throughout the procedure, but again there was no problem or pain.

I now have eight teeth through the implant procedure, whereas without it I would have false teeth top and bottom.

I have been absolutely delighted with the results, although Dr Enaker impressed on me that I must still look after them as though they were real teeth.