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Our Recommended Facial Treatments

At Zero:Seven dentist based near Farringdon station, London, not only are we known for our dentistry, but also our facial aesthetics. In this post, we’ll go over our recommended facial treatments, from cosmetic dentistry to wrinkle treatments.

Wrinkle free injections

Wrinkle free injections, also known as botox, these injections treat lines and wrinkles to leave skin looking and feeling youthful and refreshed. The treatment is designed for ‘expressive lines’, especially frown and worry lines, crow’s feet round the eyes, and lines around the mouth. Botox can also be used to perform a ‘Nephertite lift’, which helps improve the appearance of the neck and jawline.

Botox treatments take effect within 2-3 days of treatment, with results developing over the next couple of weeks, and lasting up to 4 months. Adverse effects are uncommon, and the procedure uses very fine needles, so is generally not painful.

Dermal fillers

As the body starts to stop producing collagen and elastin in the mid-twenties, wrinkles become more prominent and the skin feels less elastic and supple. Dermal fillers can help make the skin look and feel younger, smoothing out lines and filling hollowed areas of the face (e.g. around the eyes or cheeks).

Dermal fillers usually use hydrating hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, and the injections contain an anaesthetic to lessen any pain during the procedure. Results usually last anywhere from 6-18 months.

Teeth whitening

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is one of the most popular. We insist on using the best – Zoom. It works immediately and dramatically, brightening your teeth by up to 6 shades, with the procedure taking under an hour. You can also choose to have at-home top-up treatments, too. When you book your teeth whitening with Zero:Seven, you’ll also enjoy a hygiene session with a dentist prior to the treatment for optimum results.

Other treatments

As well as our more aesthetic procedures, we also offer general dentistry, braces and implants, amongst other treatments. Whatever you’re looking for in your treatment, we can help – and our policy is to ensure you’re happy and comfortable throughout your time with us. We also pride ourselves on our flexible, approachable team, with a relaxed clinic setting that can calm even the most nervous of patients.

How to book

Now that you’ve had a run-down of our procedures, book in quickly and easily at our practice, located near to the Farringdon and Barbican tube stations, with our contact form here. We aim to respond to our patients as soon as possible.


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