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Quit Smoking, Boost Your Oral Health

Smoking is one of the worst habits you can have for your health. In fact, each year, the NHS estimates that around 78,000 people die from smoking, while the Oral Health Foundation states that smoking can increase your risk of developing mouth cancer by up to 10 times.

If that wasn’t bad enough, smoking can have a detrimental effect on your oral health, too – however, in some cases, there are aspects we may be able to help with here at our Zero Seven dental practice.

Missing teeth

Many smokers develop gum disease, which can be a precursor to tooth loss. In time, tooth loss can also cause bone loss, affecting everything from speaking to eating. One of our leading tooth loss treatments, dental implants, may be suitable for former smokers who have suffered tooth loss, providing they have suitable gum and bone tissue for the implant to fuse to.

Dental implants can help restore function the teeth while also helping restore your appearance – these false teeth can help support the structure around the mouth, preventing that sunken-in, aged appearance.

Stained teeth

Smoking goes hand-in-hand with dull, yellow teeth, thanks to the ash and tar in cigarette smoke, and the tiny pores in your teeth. Nicotine, although colourless, turns yellow when exposed to oxygen, which can also stain teeth.

Teeth whitening can be an effective solution for lifting staining from the teeth and taking them shades whiter smile that appears more clean, bright and youthful.

Facial ageing

Many people are aware of the ageing effects of smoking. This is down to the nicotine in cigarettes, which narrows the skin’s blood vessels and inhibits the flow of blood, which prevents important nutrients and oxygen from flowing freely.

Dermal fillers and botox can help reverse the effects of aged skin, treating loss of volume (sagging), fine lines and wrinkles, and even helping contour areas of the face. Botox ‘relaxes’ the muscles to prevent wrinkles deepening, while dermal fillers plump and sculpt the skin and fill in those deeper lines and wrinkles (especially around the nose and mouth).

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Although we’re first and foremost a dental practice, we also offer a range of safe and effective aesthetics treatments, helping you look and feel your absolute best.

To enquire about treatment here at our Zero Seven Dental Practice, whether dermal fillers, botox, dental implants, or something else – please get in touch with our skilled team today.

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