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The Clever Teeth Whitening Treatment You’ve Never Heard Of

Here at Zero:Seven, a leading dental practice in Clerkenwell, London, we know a thing or two about teeth whitening treatments – and we’re on a mission to make your smile shine. In fact, thought Zoom teeth whitening, we can take your teeth up to 6 shades brighter in less than an hour.

Many of our patients have heard of teeth whitening, but there’s one revolutionary way to carry it out that most people don’t know about. It’s called internal teeth whitening.

What is internal teeth whitening?

As it sounds, this clever treatment works on the inside-out to lighten and brighten a tooth. It’s not suited for lifting a whole smile, but more for tackling an individual tooth (or two) that may have discoloured following root canal treatment.

How does it work?

Root canal involves a dentist opening (or widening) a hole in your tooth to clear out an infection. The tooth is then cleaned and resealed. However, in some cases, the tooth dentin can darken, which can be noticeable amongst your other teeth. Internal teeth whitening involves reopening the hole to bleach the tooth from the inside, then sealing with a tooth-coloured filling at the end of treatment.

Is it painful?

The procedure is safe and effective and lasts long-term. Because the tooth needs to be drilled for access, a dentist will use numbing agent to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Why choose this approach?

Previously, a crown might need to be fitted to the tooth to cover the discolouration. However, this involves preparing the tooth beforehand. Internal teeth whitening is less invasive and only requires a small filling (for access). It’s also highly effective, as it gets to the root of the problem – the inside of the tooth.

Am I suitable for treatment?

A consultation at our Clerkenwell dental practice can help determine whether you’re eligible for the treatment. Some cases need repeat treatment to get the result they’re looking for.

What other options are there?

As we’ve mentioned, crowns or veneers may help through disguising the tooth, though it won’t affect it ‘behind the scenes’. It’s also possible that internal teeth whitening is more long-lasting than crowns or veneers, which may need replacing after a few years. Your dentist will be able to recommend the right approach for you.

I’m interested in teeth whitening. What should I do?

Get in touch, of course! The friendly team at our Clerkenwell dental practice are ready and waiting to help improve the health and beauty of your smile. Speak to us today and we’ll book your consultation.

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