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Tips For Looking After Clear Braces

Welcome to the world of clear braces! Whether you’ve already started your treatment here at our Farringdon dental practice, or you’re interested in booking in for a clear brace consultation, we can help. In this post, our experts share their top tips for keeping those clear braces clean… and clear!

First of all, what can happen if you don’t clean your clear braces properly? Well, aside from discolouring over time, they may also cause a build-up of bacteria that makes them start to smell and can affect your breath, too. Also, with this added bacteria comes the risk of plaque and decay. So, it’s really important to follow our top tips and keep them looking (and working) great.

1) Take note of the time

Just like you brush your teeth morning and night, the same should be done for your clear braces (and keep up with the cleaning your teeth at the same time!). It’s easy for bacteria to accumulate overnight and throughout the day, so it’s really important to take the time to ensure they’re clean and ready to wear.

2) Rinse on removal

Every time you take out your clear braces – which should always be done for eating, chewing and drinking anything other than water – you’ll need to wash them under the tap, helping prevent saliva and plaque from accumulating.

Just as you need to take care of bacteria when they’re wet, you need to consider the same when they’re dry. Leaving your aligners lying around can also expose them to bacteria.

3) Lean on cleaning products

Anti-bacterial soap and a soft toothbrush are all you need for keeping clear braces clean, but Invisalign also offer products to keep their aligners looking their best. Don’t ever use toothpaste on your trays or scented soaps, as these can affect their appearance and taste!

4) Don’t forget your teeth!

As we’ve said, your teeth also need looking after, alongside your aligners. But one things that’s really important – whenever you take a break for a snack or meal – is to ensure you brush and floss your teeth before popping your clear braces back in your mouth. If you don’t, you could be covering over bacteria with your aligners and trapping it against your teeth.

5) Case in point

Always, always, always store your clear braces in their given case when taking a break from wear – whatever the reason. This keeps them protected while out of your mouth (and could prevent damage or loss, too).

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