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Caring For Teen Smiles

There’s nothing more precious in the world than our kids – so it makes sense that you’ll want to care for your teen’s teeth as much as possible and give them both healthy habits and a lovely, confident smile.

In this post, the expert dentists at our Zero:Seven Dental Practice share their knowledge in all things teen dental, from clear braces to hygiene and everything in-between. Here’s what you can do to help them have happy and healthy smiles for life.

1) Visit the dentist

It may go without saying, but trips to the dentist are an important part in caring for your teen’s teeth. Not only can they deal with problems if and when they arise, but as professionals who see teeth on a daily basis, and who have the knowledge and experience to help, our dentists can help with preventative care, too.

2) Reward their efforts

We all need a little encouragement from time to time… especially with something seemingly mundane, like your oral health routine! Depending on the age (and motivation) of your teen, you may be able to positively incentivise them with a treat now and then – like a trip to the shops or a night out at the movies.

4) Encourage all you can

Again, age may factor into this, but younger teens may respond well to positive encouragement, such as picking out a new electric toothbrush. In our experience, teens also love tech, and there are also apps out there to help you time how long to brush for – Brush DJ is one of our favourites, as it lets you jam to your favourite tunes while you brush, and vibrates when it’s time to swap sides.

5) Set a good example

As with lots of things, leading by example is often the way. If you know you’ve neglected your teeth, and are worried your teen will follow suit, maybe it’s time you booked in for a visit?

6) Nip problems in the bud

Sometimes, the earlier you try to solve a problem, the better the outcome and the easier the process. Invisalign clear braces can be used on teens in many cases, just the same as adults. If your teen is living with bite problems or crooked teeth, it’s worth investigating clear braces to see how they could help their smile.

In summary, there are lots of ways you can care for teeth – and plenty of ways we can help. Talk to us at our Farringdon dental practice today and we’ll help your teen take care of their smiles – for life.

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