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What Are Dermal Fillers?

With dermal fillers only increasing in popularity, it makes sense to read around them before committing to an appointment. Though we’re primarily dentists, we also offer selected aesthetic treatments, of which dermal fillers is but one.

In this post, our experts here in Farringdon will share answers to common questions about dermal fillers, ranging from what they are, to how they work, to what results you could benefit from with treatment.

1) What are dermal fillers?

Put simply, they’re an injectable treatment that works to shape and sculpt the skin, add plumpness and volume, and restore a smooth appearance through filling deep lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers have been available at our Zero:Seven Dental Practice for some time now, with fully-trained practitioners to boost results and minimise risks.

2) Why have dermal fillers?

Ageing is a natural process, but many of us worry about looking old before our time. Dermal fillers are just one type of aesthetic treatment that can help stop, or even temporarily turn back, the clock. They can be used alongside other treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, to further enhance results.

3) Do dermal fillers hurt?

Any injection can cause discomfort or sensitivity, but we can use numbing agents to help manage or prevent this and over-the-counter pain relief and ice packs can ease any swelling or sensitivity after the Dermal Filler treatment.

4) What other options are there?

It depends on the reason you’re having dermal fillers treatment. If you’re looking to boost volume, it’s the best option out there. But if you’re looking for wrinkle treatment, there may be other things you can try, from chemical peels to anti-wrinkle injections. We always book our clients in for a consultation and skin assessment ahead of treatment, to ensure you’re making an informed choice and are choosing something which will give you fantastic, lasting results.

5) Why choose Zero:Seven?

There are lots of reasons to trust us when choosing your dermal filler treatment:
-High-spec clinic with a range of treatments to suit you
-London location for ease
-Aesthetics specialists to handle your care
-Countless positive client reviews

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