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What Is A Tooth Implant?

At Zero:Seven dentists, we’re used to answering all kinds of questions about our dental treatments. One which regularly crops up is ‘’what is a tooth implant’. That’s because, despite being widely available and a popular option for those with missing teeth, many patients still don’t know, or understand, what tooth implants are. This include show they work, and whether they’re a suitable candidate for the treatment.

In this post, our experts dentists here in Farringdon answer common questions about dental implants, to help you make the right choice for you.

1) What is a tooth implant?

It’s essentially an artificial tooth–where there is a gap (or several), we can implant an artificial root, made of bio-friendly titanium, and attach a porcelain crown once healed.

2) Why have dental implants?

Not only do they look and perform like natural teeth, but dental implants can also help retain the structure of your face–so no more ageing sunken, sagging skin around the mouth. In addition, there are oral health benefits. That’s because dental implants help retain the underlying gum and bone structure with the forces of chewing and biting.

3) Do tooth implants hurt?

They’re a minimally invasive surgery, so there may be some pain, but an anaesthetic is used at the time and pain relief can be taken to manage any discomfort in the following days. Once in place, the tooth implants will look and behave like the rest of your smile. If you experience any pain after healing, it’s an indication something’s amiss and you should book in with your dentist.

4) What other options are there?

In the case of rows of missing teeth, dentures may be suitable. And for the odd missing tooth, a dental bridge could be an option. However, neither of these are permanent replacements for teeth, and come with their own challenges–such as extra cleaning measures, the use of adhesives, and preparation of the surrounding teeth, for example.

5) Why choose Zero:Seven?

There are lots of reasons to trust our dentists when choosing your tooth implant treatment:
-Convenient, central London location
-Care for all ages and stages
-Implantology specialists to lead your care
-High-spec clinic with the latest tech
-Countless positive patient reviews

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