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Beauty Treatments To Enhance Your Smile

Having a lovely smile isn’t just down to good oral health, straight teeth and a white smile. At our Zero:Seven Dental Practice, our dentists and facial aesthetics experts know it’s about the rest of your face too – that’s why we also offer a range of beauty treatments, helping boost your smile and give you bags of confidence along the way.

Botox injections

Botox helps to ‘relax’ the facial muscles through cleverly-placed injections, which block signals between muscles and the brain. Key areas for Botox involve the forehead and around the eyes, but it’s also been used on the neck to create a lifted appearance and has medical uses too (including treating headaches).

Dermal fillers

These are skin-plumping injections that serve to lift, hydrate and contour the skin. They also add much-needed volume to areas that appear hollow or ‘saggy’ with age, and can fill wrinkles and lines for a smoother appearance. Finally, dermal fillers – or lip fillers – can boost lips and soften wrinkles around the mouth.


Using tiny needles to gently puncture the skin, the body’s healing response is prompted, which boosts production of skin-firming collagen and elastin. You can also use serums in conjunction with the microneedling treatment to more effectively penetrate the skin and enhance results.

Thread facelifts

Facelifts are major surgery, so this minimally-invasive alternative is ideal for those who want to avoid hours on the operating table and extensive time recuperating! Using surgical sutures placed below the skin, the appearance can be lifted and firmed, and the best part is that the threads dissolve over time, so there’s no need to remove them at a later date.


Fine injections feed the skin with essential vitamins and minerals while prompting the body to produce more collagen and elastin. Not only does the Mesotherapy treatment nourish and hydrate, but it creates a tauter appearance, too.

Plasmapen peels

When laser therapy just isn’t an option, the Plasmapen steps in, targeting everything from wrinkles to acne scars and age spots. With a few passes over skin, the healing process is kickstarted to cause a tightening effect and regenerative quality.

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We’re not just a dentist – and we know there’s more to life than good teeth (even though it’s a great place to start!). To find out more about the facial aesthetic treatments on offer, from dermal fillers to Botox injections, talk to us at our Zero:Seven Dental Practice today.

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