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How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

Here at Zero:Seven, based in London’s Clerkenwell, we happily provide our patients with the latest and greatest dental treatments, covering cosmetic and everyday care, as well as restorative options. But what many of our patients don’t realise is that we can also offer some incredibly effective aesthetics treatments – and dermal fillersare just one on the menu.

Dermal fillers have been around for years, which is a testament to their effectiveness. They can last up to 18 months – that’s a year and a half – and even around that time, a touch-up may be all that’s required to prolong your results. Results can also develop quickly, which means you could be leaving the clinic with an enhanced appearance from day one.

3 things we love about dermal fillers

Not only can dermal fillers be used on the face, but they can also be used on the lips (lip fillers). With careful, considerate application, you could enhance the shape and size of your mouth – the perfect complement to a whitening or straightening treatment.

Dermal fillers also have a plumping effect, owing to many using hyaluronic acid in their ingredients. This helps boost the moisture within the skin, giving it a firm and supple appearance.

Finally, dermal fillers are an ideal solution for those treating lines and wrinkles; boosting their smile; shaping their facial contours; and even as a non-surgical alternative to treatments such as rhinoplasty. It’s no wonder dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around!

No pain, but plenty to gain…

Our patients always ask us whether the procedure hurts, and the answer is a resounding ‘no’! That’s because we do our best to keep our patients happy and comfortable throughout their time with us, and we can also help to numb the treated area to keep pain to a minimum.

With careful injection techniques, our dermal fillers can give you all the benefits with none of the drawbacks. In other words, our expertise can help minimise any side-effects you might otherwise, such as bruising or swelling. We’ll even give you detailed aftercare, to help boost your results.

What else do I need to know?

Dermal fillers aren’t the only age-defying aesthetics treatment we offer. We can also offer alternative wrinkle treatments, as well as procedures such as thread lifts and plasma pen. Best of all, we might be able to secure finance for you, so you can budget for

How do I book dermal fillers with you?

Simply visit this link to get in touch with our team here in Clerkenwell, and we’ll be happy to book you in for a consultation for dermal fillers, lip fillers, or one of our other aesthetic treatments.

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